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Image by Inesa Cebanu


The Bucheggberg region is considered to be one of the last near-natural cultural landscapes
in the Swiss plateau

Kühe Landschaft Gossliwil


The Bucheggberg region is one of the last near-natural cultural landscapes in the Swiss Plateau. The Bucheggberg stands out gently from the plains of the Central Plateau.

The lovely curved cultural landscape with its mosaic of forest and field, of farming villages, hedges and wooded fields is an idyllic spot on earth for relaxation.


Before Gossliwil, the Bibern Valley becomes narrow, the wooded slopes stretch down to the valley floor. The small village itself lies behind the narrowness like an island in the sun, almost entirely surrounded by forest. The forest belt is neither constricting nor constricting, but envelops the village like a protective cloak. If you enter your own world of Gossliwil from the southwest, you have the feeling of being in a picture painted by a master's hand. The huge, impressive roofs seem to grow out of the fertile cultural landscape, guarding and preserving the life and history of their residents under the brown cap for many generations.

Streets and paths lead like threads to the village center, where the small schoolhouse has always taken its place, connecting the small society. The documentary film “Gossliwil” is no coincidence - this small village in Buechibärg can still stand as an example of rural cultural values ​​in Switzerland - including the old mill by the stream.

Gossliwil Luftaufnahme

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